Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO, in short, is the art of improving your website to gain more traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing and others. While many will lead you to believe that SEO is a ‘dark art’, using tricks and shortcuts, it’s actually a far more structured process.

We’ve covered some of the broader points below, but modern search algorithms now take a much broader range of tests into account when deciding where to rank your site. A good SEO strategy is one that takes into account your website copy, the technical makeup of your site, as well as the perceived level of authority you portray both on, and off your site.

We offer a free technical SEO check to any business who’d like one. This audit will often quickly turn into an SEO to-do list which you can either complete yourself or discuss with one of our experts. 

Website content
What you write matters... a lot

Gone are the days of search engine ‘spiders’ crawling through your website looking for repeated use of the same keywords over and over again in the hopes you finally gain the top spot.

Modern search algorithms are far more complex, but the single word that is used time and time again is ‘authority’. The content you write needs to earn its place on top of the search results, and be the most relevant option.

That doesn’t mean that keywords aren’t important though. Our team can help you decide your list of target terms, and then work with you to build a content strategy that actually works. No false promises, just honest strategies that get results.

technical SEO
Every piece of code matters

The world of SEO is run by bots and crawlers, and how easy you make it for them to access the information on your site makes a massive difference. It’s also important that you are providing a seamless experience to your users (yes, the bots can check that).

Technical SEO ranges from ensuring links end up where they should do, all the way to supplemental ‘schema’ data which highlights key information and makes it easier to feature in more ‘position 0’ results.

If this all sounds like jargon, or if you’d like to know more about how the search engines see your site, then have a chat with one of our technical SEO people.

Who else likes your site?

We’re going to use that word again… authority. Another key way to measure how authoritative you are on a given subject is to measure how many other websites link to yours.

Opinions matter, and search engines care the most about those of the biggest and most prominent websites. 

Understanding your backlink profile and identifying where your competitors are getting links from is something our team can help with. We can even help you strategise ways to place those links too.

Core Web Vitals
Google's latest update

Google’s latest core algorithm update added tests of your website’s loading speed. How quickly your site loads on a mobile device is now a core part of the decision about how well you rank for all keywords.

It’s estimated that only around 22% of all ecommerce websites pass these three tests, with many sites experiencing massive losses in organic traffic since the update went live.

Our team of developers can help you to understand your score, and come up with a list of exactly what needs to be done to gain a passing mark. 

Have a more in-depth question?
Tell us about it, we love a challenge!

Our combined experience has shown us that SEO is an ever-changing world, and we’ve seen plenty of weird and wonderful things over the years. Whether it’s recovering from a search engine penalty, or checking to see if you’ve been the victim of so-called ‘negative SEO’, our team can help.

We also run a Beginners Guide to SEO course for all those who want to understand how to optimise their own site for better search engine rankings.

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