WorkAdvisor Wordpress build
Project highlights
Design process

We designed a site which matches the business brand and promotes a strong user experience.

WordPress theme based

The site is built using a WordPress theme. We applied the design and made it their own.

Bespoke forms

Due to the complex nature of the Kickstart application process, we built a custom form with multiple branching options.

Custom tracking and reporting

Google Tag Manager was added to allow for customised tracking and reporting via Google Analytics.

Content auditing

The client provided us with copy in Word documents, which we proof-read and organised into easy to read sections on each page.

The Brief

WorkAdvisor for Employers is a secondary website for this established employer reviews and recruitment business. This site is designed to advertise and generate leads for the DWP’s Kickstart scheme.

What did we do?

This project was one which required a quick turnaround time, as the business had recently been approved as a DWP Kickstart gateway and was looking for applications as quickly as possible. A concept was drawn up for an application process, and the decision was made to build the site using a WordPress theme to cut down on development time.

This process began with a meeting with the client to discuss branding, key messaging and also to make a decision on the base theme to be used. We looked at various themes, before settling on one that had the right balance between compatibility with the plugins we intended to use, as well as the flexibility to allow us to custom design it.

With the theme chosen, we began the process of building wireframes for the key pages. This involved building the required pages and sections for the site, before filling them with placeholder images and lorem ipsum (a sort of made up language we use to show blocks of text in designs). While we worked on this, the client was busy creating the content to go onto the pages.

Once we had the content, we went through a process of proof-reading, before adding it to each page and making it fit within the designs. This involved some trimming, editing and small tweaks to the layout along the way. We also took any pricing or service-related content and added them to custom ‘pricing tables’, to make it easier to digest by users.

The final piece of the site was taking what was a lengthy paper form, and turning it into something that potential customers wanted to use. We did this by building a custom form, and adding branching logic to it so that certain responses made hidden fields visible where required. Once this was complete, we undertook a full SEO audit of the site and added various meta data, schema tags and undertook some changes to improve the technical SEO.

The result was a website which not only receives good levels of traffic from various search engines, but importantly portrays an air of expertise and trustworthiness which generates solid leads. This website has been key to the business being able to attract, accept and manage such a high number of applications.

We’re very proud to have achieved such great results with a relatively quick deadline. 

Philip Price
Managing Director

We needed a new site quickly which would capture the demand from thousands of employers  looking to register for the new Kickstart scheme. The site was built on time and on budget and paid for itself many times over.

Sadly, the DWP Kickstart scheme has now ended for new applications, but WorkAdvisor are now focused on their excellent employability skills training courses and employer reviews.

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